28 September 2006

Guest: Rhonda Prince

Running in place

chairs: the ultimate in function and utility...ergonomically designed for dignified or common use...gateway to reflection...task or easy, hard or soft... offering relaxation and repose, a place to escape, a seat in time and space...where we sit and wait for life to unfold ...or when we can wait no longer it is where we spring to action from...

Photographer: Rhonda Prince
More pictures by Rhonda
invited by ulf fågelhammar


F said...

Beautiful indeed, Rhonda.
This is my urban landscape,
thats for sure.

F said...

these are wonderful, Rhonda -- and it's great to see something from you here!


F said...

Thanks for being here Chattanooga Lady
This is one of my favourites from your

F said...

This is a beauty...quite a presence a past and a future...Nice to see you invited here!!!


F said...

Hi Rhonda,
Good to have you around! You've certain eye for details!
- Abeku

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me. I enjoy the quiet beauty of this blog! -Rhonda