23 September 2006

To be a father

To be a father.
How it has changed in the last two generations.
My father was born in the generation of the space ship.
Or was it the moon landing?
In the distance.

Things do improve.
Although I'm not a father so far,
I can see it in my friends' affection for their children.
It must be so much better to
be a man and father today.

My father has also improved.


Photo: Me and my father, (unknown, Östermalm 1969)
Link: http://www.amazon.com/Stiffed-Betrayal-American-Susan-Faludi/dp/0380720450

1 comment:

F said...

This picture must
be special to you
How time flies
Was it the year after
the summer of love that
you were born
Not bad at all!