12 February 2007

I forgot love existed

I forgot that love existed troubled in my mind.
Heartache after heartache, worried all the time.
I forgot that love existed
Then I saw the light
Everyone around me make everything alright.
Oh, oh Socrates and Plato they Praised it to the skies.
Anyone who's ever loved
Everyone who's ever tried.
If my heart could do my thinking
And my head begin to feel
I would look upon the world anew
And know what's truly real
- Van Morrison


F said...

More from the Doors, could not be a bad thing
We are three then who like them

F said...

Yeah I like The Doors aswell but I think you´ve got it mixed up here...don´t you mean JIM Morrison of The Doors ...? I´m referring to Van Morrison - Van the Man - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Morrison


Pro member said...

I am senile you know
I was ALSO referring to Van of THEM
of course(River of Time)
It´s all Yngve Frejs fault
but he lives in the bush so he is excused

F said...

Hahaha...you´ve got a toss of alzheimer light...could happen to anyone...ok, now at least we´ve set the record straight:)


PRO member said...

it´s so embarrasing for me you know
since I am from that generation and Them and Doors should be in my veins
But "Here comes the night" - I mean
forgetting about things
now I have problems to remember what happened 30 seconds ago
who are you by the way?

F said...

or even more important...
who are YOU???
you know there are so many pro members
it makes my head spin:)

/Helena the young spinster

jeanne said...

lovely image Helena -- van and jim and god all mixed up here, you can tell what we were all doing back in 1969 . . .

F said...

Yep, I did the mix up...my fault. Van the Man and Jim...how could I?

I'm not senile though, just a little bit drunk. Intoxicated by finkel...from farmer Petterssons homebrew.

Jim is a favorite, Van, well he is OK too...

I like your pic though!

/Yngve Frej

Van&Jim said...

I dig your good sense of humour mr Frej