01 December 2006

By the sea

Ulf... I find two legs walkin about in the pictures interesting too


ulf said...

ok per-arne
if it´s done your way
like here
tall ships race
and a new suit

F said...

Well he he Ulf...Like your tone in the response. This was thirty years ago. Tänkte för en stund sända dig hela bilden. Där ser man den glada gubben (cirka 75 benens ägare) som genast kände igen sina segel. I like your pictures with two legs a lot. Two legs can be so valid i many places and a source for many many pictures. Tänker på Fredman av idag med ICA kassar och de lila från bolaget

F said...

I like two legs picture to, and when you can see the rain falling like in this - it´s a treat.


Anonymous said...

When is raning I am looking down always...where is the mirror of our reality !!!