21 January 2007

invited guest: Carlos Morales-Mengotti (part one)

Some years ago I found the work of Carlos Morales-Mengotti. I especially
remember some excellent pictures from Madrid.
His coming exhibition is
called Ghosts.
Carlos says: "This series of photographs is called "Ghosts"
and will be in my next
exhibition and 39 of them were bought by a Museum
in Madrid.
The Exhibition will have 71 photographs. Why I call the series
"Ghosts" is because I think of them as revenants of my past.

It´s a pleasure to have Carlos Morales-Mengotti here on the F Blog.
Please check out Carlos site as well.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

all photos © Carlos Morales-Mengotti


Anonymous said...

So good to see your fine work here, Carlos -- you know I am also a huge fan.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan too !!!!


Anonymous said...

yes, me too, since I've seen your works for the first time few years ago

Jeanette said...

Fantastic photos - love them :)


Unknown said...

This is new for me
I think all is new for me ;-)
exciting blackness in the serie “Ghosts”
and very interesting to look around Carlos site ...Madrid and many other wonderful pictures
In this moment I became a fan :-)

morgan said...

Truly inspirational images.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Carlos!

Now I have become a fan too!

Eff said...

absolutley great work!! 'Fan' is about right :)