28 November 2006

Invited guest: Lasse Mellberg

Flowers, copper gravure

I like Lasse Mellberg. But we have only met once in real life. It was
in Uppsala
when F put the 9 visions 9 photographers exhibition on
I think I like him even more after that short encounter at the

His love of photography, his passion and devotion was speaking
to me from his photographs, long before we met. Those two eyes
looking back at you from a picture. You can get to know a person
quite well through his or hers pictures. If it is the real thing.
Lasse is the real thing.

Invited by Ulf Fågelhammar.

"In 1994 I was visiting the Royal Society in Bath to study
photo gravures. In the same place they hold a big collection
of Julia Margret Camerons work. I was amazed....

Since I am working as a teacher in different old printing
techniques I work slowly with my own projects. I have an
old Sinar Norma with a lot of light leaks but it works using
a simple lens and the 5X7 size of film. The negative size allows
me to use them in different old contact copying processes.

The portraits are taken with long intervals. I meet somebody
that I like or who inspires me to make a portrait. Long exposure
time 2 - 6 seconds gives a feeling of time. I sometimes show them
with different names or with poems from Gunnar Ekelöf -
a fascinating Swedish poet."

Lasse Mellberg



Annelie van Dyke

Anna van Dyke

©Lasse Mellberg


Fredrik Skott said...

Lasse! It is great to see your photographs here on The F Blog. You know that I love your portraits. Some of them I have seen on Fotokompaniet in Gothenburg and also in Uppsala. They are great here on the blog but even better in real!
- f.

Anonymous said...

intriguing technique, your work show how close is photography to painting. Pleasure to watch

F said...

Wonderful work Lasse, nice to see you here on the F-blog :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic portraits Lasse and nice to have you here and I do like so many of your photos!

Anonymous said...

this is stunning work, Lasse -- I am so happy to be introduced to you and your prints!

chrisw1r said...

I think I encountered your photos quite early on at fotosidan, so to me you've been around for as long as I've been doing photo "seriously". :) I like your photos, and I seriously agree about Gunnar Ekelöf and his poetry. He has influenced me more than I perhaps understand sometimes, with his Eastern thinking and reasoning. Which really makes a lot of sense, to me... Cheers, Christian

F said...

Love your beutiful portraits. Especially the glow you've got in the portrait of Anneli.

F said...

Great to see your work here Lasse!

Imagepoetry at its best.


Anonymous said...

Although the Julia photo reminds us of Cameron, I prefer the Annelie photo. It has more nerve, somehow. Or maybe it is just the fact that I have seen that woman in real life.

Great seeing you here, Lasse.

F said...

Hi Lasse!

Great to see you and your pictures here!