22 December 2006

Invited guest: John Strazza (2)

Tableautin Series

Called Tableautin, simply meaning small picture ..Taken with a
Minox LX, a tiny camera using film the size of 9mm. (tiny)

This series points to what I used to call emotional seeing ..
really meaning subconscious seeing i guess.. whatever the case,
it's the background seeing that we do all day but do not focus on ..
these images (for me) touch the part of our mind where we store
what we see and take a second look at that (the memory) in and
of itself .. (so to speak .. ) I hope this rings true in some way ..
I hope it touches the part of our seeing that is truly primitive ..

These images share what I feel so strongly about in photography..
It's not so much about how clear a picture is, certainly not about
pixels or resolution ..

After so many years of making images those issues are long gone ..
a completely different set of issues is with me when doing images now ..
it goes so much deeper and what I find in these images starts to touch
that place where an image finds its life.

These particular series more closely touch the film maker in me .. looking
like 8mm films we saw as children, sitting with family and reliving times
we enjoyed .. it touches a place i can feel within ..

I love seeing these elements enter into the frame - a place where we think
we know what we are seeing, a man, a woman, a bird .. photography is
funny that way - it's a sense of reality .. but here the reality is challenged
a bit with less detail .. so it seemingly taps into our subconscious .. what
I love is seeing the light in a less detailed way .. somehow I see it better
like this because it's not wrapped in photo reality .. oddly, it was reality
(as we know it) that brought the elements of light and beings into this frame
so we have it to view ..

And, then, it all bounces back into what we know is a 2 dimensional image ..
an image of a place, event, a moment that somehow called to my attention ..
communicated to film to, in turn, possibly call to your attention .. and we still
don't really know why in full .. and i hope i don't find out any time soon ..

all pictures ©John Strazza
invited by ulf fågelhammar


ulf said...

love your pictures
and your thinking about photography
you know that

alf johansson said...

Yes, wonderful pictures and nice to share your toughts around photography.

Thomas Håkansson said...

I very much like your thoughts around photography and your pictures proves your point in my mind.


mats äleklint said...

This is great john! Wonderful, and the photo of the bird is one of my all time favorites!

Jeanette said...

Just wondeerful John - fairys of daily life....


christofer said...

I could sign under your words anyday, that is often what I’m after too, catch the ungrippable, the fleeing moments. Like something you see in the corner of your eye.

I love this, so damn good!!!

f. skott said...


Espen said...

Amazing pictures! I love this!