26 February 2008

Ülmercott vs Kanon Mörk

This is the final test of the very rare Ülmercott Dr.t2 lens. You see the stairs leading down and a shady part of the wall in this picture taken with the good old ülmer. If I blow up the picture there will be some street art visible.

Ülmercott Dr.T2

Kanon 1Dr Mörk IV

These pictures show the difference between the ülmercott and the kanon mörk ( I shot excactly the same motif using Kanon 1Dr Mörk IV and zoomed the shady part of the wall). Interesting, isn't it?
/dr t


Jan Buse said...

Yes, very interesting! How about that?! Nothing really beats that good old Ülmercott DR.t2 lens! Well, except maybe the legendary Fürhendrangen A-30(s). More tools and techniques at the F-Blog, please!

Anonymous said...

THank gott we finally got something going here with über ümlauts!!!

Yoürs Trüly,

Nürse Råbbit

Anonymous said...

Well the Führendrangen is decent but oh the chromatic abberation is sometimes disturbing, not to speak of the very annoying F1xV1+F2xV2=0 button.