28 February 2008

invited guest: Zoriah

Zoriah is sensible, but frank photojournalist, who shows the world where sensibility seemed to be killed. He is associating human calamities around the world, showing in his pictures everything what comes with wars and disasters – the cruelty and nonsense of wars, suffering people with their wounds, but also growing hope, faith, emotions and strength. With his seemingly detached eye he delivers us complete one big picture made out of thousands individual pictures.

Zoriah was initially trained in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid to Developing Countries, he worked for international aid organizations such as the Red Cross before returning to photography after a long absence.

His work first won critical acclaim in the early 1990's when his photo series on homeless life in America was selected to tour the country in the Songs of The People project. He was also named Photojournalist of The Year in 2006 by Morepraxis and he won VII Photo Agency Portfolio Contest. He was among the photographers in World Picture News Networks Most Powerful Imagery of 2006.

His images of conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, The Gaza Strip and Lebanon have been widely published and have traveled to many countries around the world in museums and fine art galleries.

Zoriah specializes in documenting humanitarian crises in third world countries. He has photographed disasters, critical social issues and conflict in over forty countries around the world and his work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Fortune, Focus, L'Express and many others. Half of his time is devoted to doing pro bono work for aid and humanitarian organizations.
Zoriah official website.

I am honored to announce that, Zoriah will be since today frequent guest at the F blog, he promised to give us monthly reports on Iraqi situation.
Stay tuned
/invited by Marcin Górski


Ulf said...

These are such strong pictures from the world we live in. To me, the picture with a big hole in a wall with words written all over is hard to forget. As is the picture of the soldiers firing a gun...the soldier looking at the photographer. Truly great work Zoriah and thanks for being here on the F blog/Ulf

beatriz said...

a great contribution to the world viewer and to f blog.

Buse said...

Very disturbing images, hard to watch, heartbreaking.