04 January 2007

from our friend in Buenos Aires

Carhue is a small town with a salty termal lake somewhere
near Buenos Aires. People go there to bathe and relax.

Berlin, New York. Well I´d like to go there. And even more after
Markus latest pictures from Berlin and of course John Strazza´s
from NYC. But perhaps I would first go to two cities I have only
seen from the airport more or less; Lisbon and...Buenos Aires!
There will be some Gruppo F activity in Buenos Aires in February.
So stay tuned to the F Blog for more.

Waiting for that to happen I just had to go back to Pablo and
ask him if he had some more found photos; fotos encont

He was one of our first guests. Have a look here!

"I am not a photographer... Oh well, I do take photos - but merely
out of trashcans."
- Pablo Cruz Aguirre

And visit his site for more!



This must be the queen of the sunflower!

This is Plaza de Mayo: the younger boy is really happy!

This man is about to throw the 'taba'. The 'taba' is a
cow bone with metal attachments and it has two faces,
like a coin. I think the game consists in throwing it
and betting on either of the faces

There is a guy somewhere in the web who collects
photos of women with dogs. I will send him copy of this.

gaucho? not.


mats äleklint said...

Great to see some more found photos! And I would also like to go to buenos aires.. :)

j. s-g. said...

"a guy somewhere in the web who collects photos of women with dogs"

Please let me know where I can find him! That sounds crazily interesting to me.

mikael said...

Always a pleasure to have you here Pablo!

Anonymous said...

Pics of women & dogs? Check http://www.womenanddogsuk.co.uk/