30 October 2006

Serious Lightleak

Photo: Mats Äleklint


NYC Taxi Shots said...

groovy photos

F said...

Yes, it looks like we are getting this act together!
Sergels torg, lightleaks, camera obscura and pin hole cameras.
Still wondering if Vermeer used a camera obscura.
Wonderful stuff Mats!
-u said it

F said...

Great feeling in this :) Probably one of the most exclusive pin hole cameras out there, is´nt it a Hasselblad?

marcin said...

coolissimo, that place looks way much better on pictures then in real :) this picture is simply fantastic. once you make a show of 17 impressions about sergels torg :)

F said...

Major leak for the monsterleauge, love this one!


F said...

Yes affe, its a very exclusive hasselblad pinhole camera, made in only one ex! :)


F said...

love it! this Sergels Torg really is a crazy spot to catch in photographs, isn't it?