30 October 2006

Guest: Carolina Lopes

Carolina seems to be fascinated by different genres of photography, not really noticing the boundaries between them. She crosses them naturally not carrying about tools and means and world shown in her pictures is still filtered in very personal way.

Portuguese photographers are often trapped by surrounding them reality of old towns, olive trees and donkeys – cannons of traditional BW Portuguese photography.

I am personally impressed by the fact she didn’t allow herself to become a hostage and she dares to show her real world, not Lisbon Story like frames.

Carolina Lopes, very young photographer from Portugal show her works for the first time in public, and she makes it here on F blog – thank you Carolina.

More works of Carolina you can find on her blog

invited by Marcin Górski


F said...

Thanks Carolina for sharing your work with us! You've a special eye for the things happening around us, a very personal language that is consistent in all the pictures. Excellent work!
- Abeku

F said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you for showing them on the F blog. All the best, F. Skott

F said...

Wonderful photos Caroline! My favourite is the second one I think. Excellent

F said...

keep going, Carolina, this is beautiful work, inspired and driven by what you find interesting and beautiful -- not by "what should be photographed."

thank you for sharing your work with us -- it's an inspiration. And thanks marcin for making it possible!


F said...

Great work carolina! really like your pictures. Thanks for showing it on the F-blog.


F said...

Superb work Carolina.
I will sign in to your fan club.
As Marcin said - this is not the mainstream stuff from Lisboa.

F said...

Great of you to choose the F blog as your first choice. We're all very pleased - and honoured!

I'm particularly fond of the photo with the shoes. I can't put my finger on it, but somehow it pleases me - immediately.

Keep up the good work!

J. S-g.

F said...

I´m honored that Carolina decides to show her work here first and a very good work it is!

Regards from Mikael

F said...

I like to see your images Carolina, I am very fond of the last one.


F said...

I like this, and I think you are on the right track. Don't bother about photographic genre, bother about what you see and what you will show... the rest is academic.