04 January 2008

invited guest: Filipe Franco

As an artist (painting) I use photography as a work-instrument for my creative process and as a hobby in my free time. Situated in the island of São Miguel, near to Ponta Delgada ( the main city of the Archipelago of the Azores), the beach of Pópulo' is seen as a place for relaxation and pleasure for its population.

Like many others, I too go there frequently to drink a coffee and especially look at the see.
In this context, the presented series of photographs is a part of a bigger project ( in construction) that searches to reflect the direct form of the behaviour of people in the presence of the sea- their facial expressions, corporal movements and attitudes.

The developed photographies were taken between 21/04/2007 and 14/12/2007
/Filipe Franco

A quote by Elliott Erwitt comes to my mind seeing these great pictures by Filipe Franco: It's about time we started to take photography seriously and treat it as a hobby. It´s a pleasure to see you here Filipe. /ulf

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Ulf said...

Although the pictures appear as snapshots I find them so carefully composed. Perhaps it has something to do with the connection to painting, and that you are using photography in this process. The "indiscrete" picture is so funny and...yes reminds me of Erwitt, in fact.