12 October 2006

Can't stop won't stop

Just want to put in a plug for a great book I'm reading right now...
Can't Stop Won't Stop - A history of the Hip Hop Generation, a must-read for all of us (youngsters?), whether we listen to Hip hop or not. An interesting perspective on the period from the the 70s up until commercial Hip hop of the 2000+.

The Swedish translation is not the best, but it is interesting reading and some good photos in there as well. Currently I'm visiting Jamaica in the early prehistoric roots to the scratching.

"Can I Kick It? Yes, You Can!" (A Tribe Called Quest)

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Exposed Material said...

Many fine quotes to find in the world of hiphop
I like this one:

"You can do it, if you put your ass into it"
Was it Ice cube. Not sure. I am supposed to be from the 68 generation.
The tricky task here Christian is to
squeeze this post under a label about photography