03 October 2006

Guest: Anneli Lundberg




I am very proud to present Anneli Lundbergs work here on the F blogg. I remember admiring her work as a new member at Fotosidan.se and still are.

Se more at: http://www.fotosidan.se/member/view.htm?ID=2796

Invited by Thomas Håkansson.


F said...

Oh yes! I'm a big admirer of her skillful work. I always get very inspired when I see her artwork, and that's true even this evening.
Excellent choice, Th! ... and thanks for sharing with us Anneli!

F said...

Thanks for showing your work here anneli it's an honour. Also glad to see a fellow värmlänning here along me and fredrik

F said...

I really love your work Anneli so great to see you here, thx for sharing and thx to Th to!


F said...

Yes, your work is really amazing. I love the IR-shots and also bakplåtspappersbilderna (in swenglish: pictures made with oven paper....?).
/ Fredrik