26 October 2006

Guest: Chris Ellinger

I came across Chris Ellingers photos a couple of years ago when I read about the interesting technique zone plate photography.Its like pinhole but with a different "lens". I´ve been meaning to build myself a camera, but have not done it yet.. But after seeing these pictures again I must!

Read more about zone plate photography here

Chris Ellinger writes:

"I first learned about zone plate photography sometime in 2002
from an article in The Pinhole Journal.

I constructed a zone plate camera and soon realized that it produced images that I have wanted to make for many years - images with a certain balance of realism and abstraction, and a glow that hints of energies beneath the surface of things.

After four years, I am still absolutely intrigued by zone plate photography, and make each exposure with a sense of anticipation and discovery."

Check out more of Chris work here

Invited by Mats Äleklint.


F said...

Thanks Mats and above all thanks Chris for introducing me to this
interesting technique. The result is
pure pleasure to me!

F said...

Fabulous work! Really awesome.
- Abeku

F said...

Chris, this is amazing pictures. I really love them. The technique seems very interesting!
/ F. Skott

F said...

Great stuff...

And the technique behind it really appeals to me...I'm gonna try this out. Absolutley.


F said...

Wonderful mood in this pictures, interesting technique.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mats for the invitation to show my images. And thanks to all for your encouraging comments. There are so many wonderful images at the F Blog, I will be coming back often to see what's new.