10 October 2006

Guest: Joanna Kinowska. Song of an evening light

Joanna Kinowska
- historian of art, specialised in photography, working in oldest and biggest Polish national gallery of art Zachęta. Brave, creative photographer, not being afraid of trying new techniques and conventions. She is entering new roads, exploring new themes and all the time her works are marked with her talent, inteligence and sensibility.

Invited by Marcin Górski

post by: Marcin


F said...

Beautiful och soulful, I really love the evening sun as portrayed by you Joanna!
Where can I find more photos?

marcin said...

on www.askinowska.k15.pl

F said...

Interesting portfolio indeed!
I'm happy for the foreign guests, to find new photographers to explore!

Anonymous said...

The light knocks me to the ground
So beautiful, so intense!


F said...

Joanna, thanks for sharing your artwork with us. I've to admit that I'm new to your work, so I'm delighted to see a link to your work.
So excellent and vivid.
- Abeku

F said...

Love them and very inspiring!