19 October 2006

Guest: Jonas Andersson



"In the heart of your heart"

As I
stated in a previous post I consider Jonas Andersson
to be a master of digital monochromes.
Here are some of my favourites among his work.

Invited by Markus Andersson.


F said...

Yes, very impressive work!
I like it a lot

F. Skott said...

Yes, I love this photos. Especially the third, the one with the "scratches" or lines. Magical.
/ F.

F said...

I know Jonas work from Fotosidan.se and like it very much.


F said...

Great stuff! like it very much.


Jeanette said...

Fantastic photos!!!


F said...

So good for me ( a confirmed film snob) to see this beautiful work and to start thinking . . . .


F said...

Truly some great work Jonas!