18 October 2006

Guest: Joy Goldkind

Joy Goldkind is one of my favourite photographers. Joy uses the historic bromoil process. Within this process a bromide silver gelatin image are bleached to remove the silver content. Lithographic inks are then applied with brushes to replace the silver. I really love her pictures and are, as an amateur bromoilist, deeply inspired by her magical work. Therefore, I am honoured to present three of her photographs on the F blog.

Photos by Joy Goldkind, USA. Image courtesy of the John Stevenson Gallery. Invited by Fredrik Skott.


Anonymous said...

wonderful, inspiring, fascinating

F said...

I really like there works, the look, the story´s and the technique. Also make me think of old movies...and, two of them have a motion feel into it.


F said...

thank you for these -- I was not familiar enough with her work, I now realize, after following a few links. I have done a bit of this process myself. Very satisfying and beautiful work, but it makes the darkroom smell of turpentine!

A summertime project, I guess.


F said...

I enjoy your pictures. They are truly beautiful. Many thanks for sharing them with us!

F said...

Fascinating expression, very artistic. Pure art!


F said...

Truly some remarklebly work!