15 October 2006

Guest: Richard Montgomery

This is the "Mayor" of Pigtown, which is a community in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I saw Richard´s pictures from this place a couple of years ago on a photo site. And they are still with me. It´s no easy task to achieve what Richard has done; to make people of your neighbourhood visible showing them respect and love. I am truly in love with these photos.

invited by ulf fågelhammar

Mr Al


Dee and her grandson

young woman in the street


All photos: Richard Montgomery


marcin said...

this is the kind of photography which appeals to me with strongest impact, excellent pictures focused on potrayed people, not on the formal aspects

F said...

This is great! You have captured the essence of these people, the soul.


F said...

I realy like this kind of natural pictures, great!

F said...

Great photography! Closeness and respect for the individual, this really touch me!


F said...

Fantastic and emotional work!
So nice to see here!

Mr. Jansson

F said...

Near and genuine in a very direct way. Lovley work.


chrisw1r said...

Yes Richard,
this is indeed a close and personal portrayal of this township. Could be a difficult subject to some, but it seems to come naturally to you.