24 October 2006

Guest: Sandra Andersson

I am glad to present Sandra Andersson and her pictures.
I saw them just recently and they really stayed in my mind.
Enjoy The Hour of the Wolf by this talented photographer
at The F Blog were you will find good photography around the clock.
-Ulf Fågelhammar

I was walking around in the suburb one dark
and early
morning. I had this strange, ambiguous
feeling, a feeling
of exposed loneliness, wrapped
up in a beautiful and quiet
Between 4 and 5 in the morning, a special hour
occurs - the hour of the wolf”. The human body
is preparing
to come awake, the REM-sleep starts.
During this hour most
births and deaths take
place, we are extremly vulnerable,
both physically
and mentally. It really fascinates me, this
condition between dream and reality, sleep
and awakness. / Sandra Andersson

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F said...

Great to see some more conceptual stuff here on our blog. A good choice of invitation, indeed.

Sure makes we want to go out into the night, in the hour of the wolf. To go camera exploring!

J. S-g.

F said...

Dark but warm. Good stuff. I agree with J. S-g, it is great to seen some more conceptual projects here on the blog. / F.

F said...

Thanks for being with us Sandra!

F said...

Yes, thanks Sandra, and I, too, am intrigued by this hour of the wolf -- always good to see someone's mind at work in their images.