29 October 2006


When I found the photo "Barber Shop" by Walker Evans
I could not help thinking about another picture. It´s from
another time, created by another photographer...but there
is a resemblance.

Anders asked himself why he did not shoot more interiors.
I ask myself too. "Working Class Hero" is a picture that
inspires me, and hopefully all of you!
- Ulf Fågelhammar

Photographer: Helena Nilsson (one of our invited photographers)


F said...

I also love interiours as this one. Lots of history in here. Excellent photo

F said...

Yes, I too like interiours! But never seems to take those pictures.. I am gonna do that more from now on. This is great helena!


F said...

So much to explore here and the spirit of ewans is prescense!


F said...

Jolly good shot, I must say!
- Abeku

F said...

I realy like this one, great photography :)