10 November 2006

Guest bEdA: Scratched Mountain

I'm happy to be able to present one of my favourite photographers from photopoints.com, bEdA.
But well, let him present himself...

i'm living in switzerland and i'm not a very productive photographer.
mean, i take a lot of pictues, but in the average i'm able to present
one picture in a month, so about 12 a year :-).
i show most of my pictures at photopoints:

my philosophy concerning my pictures - from my portrait at photopoints:
"you may look at my photographs and compare it with your memory
you may look at my photographs and compare it with the reality
you may look at my photographs and perhaps find a poetry, made by its inspiration and your free imagination.
i thank you for your time and finding your own story."

Invited by Christian Wettergren.


Exposed Material said...

Hi bEdA,
If you take 12 pictures a year like the one above, you'll end up with a great portfolio in a couple of years. I had a look at your work at photopoints and, yes, it's really outstanding. Thanks for sharing with us!

F said...

Great photography bEdA. I like your philosophy too!

chrisw1r said...

Well bEdA, what can I say. :)
Me like it.

F said...

Yes, truly wonderful. I havn't seen any of your photographs before. But now I will for sure look at them! - f. skott

Jeanette said...

Stunning photo, i like the graphic style and geonetry seen in the landscape.


F said...

It's always sucj a great pleasure to see your work -- and I'm especially happy to see it here!


F said...

This is great bEdA! Gonna check out some more of your work, thanks for being on the blog.


Mikael said...

This one is breathtaking!

bird's wing said...

thanks very much!!