02 November 2006

Guest: Mattias Schulstad

Ever since I first saw this picture by Mattias I have been thinking of it
from time to time.
I am glad to be able to show it here on The F Blog.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

Here is what Mattias writes about the photo:
"(Realitet) I´ve choosen to call this picture reality. The picture is taken
in the morning. Before breakfast, before makup, before getting dressed.
It´s just her, the cold kitchen and the bright morning sun outside."


chrisw1r said...

In swedish, this makes me associate to "livet i en skurhink". Excellent!

F said...

Oh, this is wonderful, just wonderful. Reality captured in one photo!
/ F. Skott

F said...

You really got me with this picture Mattias. I can´t think of anything more to say than; this a picture that
goes straight to my mind and my heart.I am not looking for a series here. This is the power of the individual picture.
And the everyday magic perhaps.

F said...

I can totally see how this picture can get stuck in one's imagination. I'm guessing it will in mine too!

J. S-g.