04 November 2006

Guest: Sune Karlsson

Perhaps five or six years ago I saw two pictures that really got my mind going. In one photo I saw three laughing nuns and in the other picture a man with a mask walking down the street with his hands in his pockets. Both pictures told stories, different ones every time I looked at them. Through the years the photographs have continued to fascinate me, especially when I've been able to see the actual prints. The photographer is Sune Karlsson of Torsby, Värmland, who I hereby proudly present as a guest on the F blog. The photographs below are a few of the many interesting pictures from his decades as a
enthusiastic photographer. Some more of his photographs you can see here.

Invited by Fredrik Skott.


F said...

Yes, really good photography, and I sense a strong ability to see the dramatic in different situations, and the timing to capture it at the right moment.

Really excellent.


F said...

Magnificent pictures. Thank you Sune and thanks Fredrik. I am invited to a world that is real but also surreal.

F said...

Great stuff! Like Ulf says I too like the mix between the real and surreal. Gonna check out some more of your photography, thanks for sharing on the blog.


f said...

Yes, the mix between real and surreal is perhaps what attracted me also. I love these pictures.
/ F.

F said...

The one with the masked man is truly outstanding!

I totally see your point about the greatness of being able to see the fibercopy of that photo.

J. S-g.

F said...

I really love the one with the nuns, of course the others are great to.


F said...

these are wonderful -- so nice for me to be able to see what other F members love. That is a rare ting in this world, and very precious!