16 November 2006

Invited guest: Ben Couvillion

At first, I had the intention of writing a longer introduction to Ben Couvillion's photographs. I easily could have, since they speak multitudes. But then I received two paragraphs from Ben himself, elaborating on his photographic practice. Reading it through, I realized that nothing I could ever write would quite match up.

Let me just say this: from the very first time I saw Ben's photographs, I fondly remember his diner booth photo (featured below). It is such a beautiful combination of carefull framing, perfect exposure, wonderful colors, and subtle meaning - easily parallelling other great explorers of things American like Jeff Brouws, William Eggleston, and Chris Verene. I imagine that you, dear reader, will will find your own personal favorite too.

In his own words:

I am easily fascinated - always have been. The bright and sometimes odd colors that exist in seemingly uninteresting environments, and the wear and tear of things. Naturally man-made compositions waiting to be sought out and photographed – places that have become an extension of someone's personality, usually someone I've known – all their things scattered about. I can't get enough of it.

Much of my time making photographs is spent hovering over potential compositions in uncomfortable positions, holding my breath, so I will not shake or startle the image. I don't notice the leg cramps or backpain as I create – just the reversed image of what I'm seeing on my camera's ground glass – continuously fine-tuning what I see until I feel the urge to release the shutter. Then I take a deep breath and start again.

You will find more of Ben's work here.

Invited by
Joakim Sebring.


F said...

Outstanding! I could look at this pictures for a long time. The colors! As it is in the middle of the night here in Sweden I will also return to them tomorrow.

abeku said...

Yes, this gets my attention. Strong, carefully, matched colours in elegant compostions. Very peaceful and contemplative. Great work, Ben!

u said...

Yes, I like this very much too. Your introduction, your approach to photography, your pictures. What a magnificent show of colours! So vivid and clever!

Jeanette said...

Seems so simple but it isn´t. Fantastic images and eyecatching colours


F said...


I absolutley love the one with the TV and the egg-canvas-coverd-walls...


F said...

As I said before, outstanding! Thank you very much for participating. Now I will check out your webpage. - f. skott

photoben said...

Thank you all very much. I really appreciate all your kind observations of my work.

Ben Couvillion