27 November 2006

Invited guest: Helena Blomqvist

"The dark planet"

I often hear people refer to unsharp, out-of-focused, photos as dreamlike. Personaly my dreams, the very few that I remember, aren't out of focus. They are crystal clear but utterly strange. Helena Blomqvists photos in "the dark planet" are dreamlike to me.

On some occasions, in magazines and exibitions, I have come across the works of Helena Blomqvist. The first time was with the serie "Första kvinnan på månen" (eng. The first woman on the moon) where she had made photos that looked like old black&white prints of typical male situations. At a second glance you realized that the people in the photos where all female, there where female soldiers invading a beach, a female polar expedition and so on.

There was something about those photos that really stuck to my brain. Her work has always made a great impression on me and this time, with "the dark planet" on the F Blog, is no exception.
It's a great joy to be able to invite Helena as a guest
Invited by Markus Andersson

The coming Saturday, the 2nd of December, there will be a release of "the dark planet" catalog on the gallery Knäppper+Baumgarten on Tegnergatan 4 in Stockholm. It's open between 13-16.

Helena Blomqvist:
"The dark planet is about the magical, fantastical and surreal;
larger than life moments in photographs that takes you to an alternative world. The themes are dreams, yearning, vulnerability, loneliness, death, the supernatural, and the threatening darkness of the night.'"

lonely dog

plane crash

the end of December

woman with laundry

the shepherd

woman with dog

©Helena Blomqvist


chrisw1r said...

Helena, when I first saw your photos in Foto, I just adored the mood in them. They capture my imagination, and I've looked at them many times.
I'm happy that you're here!

Anonymous said...

Suberb, just what I needed this evening!

Fredrik Skott said...

This is so fascinating. I really love your photographs. All of them are beautiful, especially the first three. They are pure magic. I would love to have them on my wall! Thank you very much for participating on The F Blog.

Btw, I am not sure but think that I saw some of your photographs (an angel?) in Gothenburg a few years ago. I think it was an exhibition wit HFF, could that be correct?


Anonymous said...

I remember these from Tidningen Foto and my thoughts goes to some Tim Burton movie, the melancoly, the strange beauty all appeals me very much!
Thx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

well this IS something really really different...some of them remind me of naif paintings...aastonishingly wonderful

Anonymous said...

yes, beautiful surprises, all!
So god to see your work here Helena

F said...

Lovley work, and I did also see the images in FOTO and was catched by the beauty in them and their symbolism.

Very nice to have you here!


F said...

I saw these pictures at Knäpper + Baumgarten a while ago, while in Stockholm on a business trip. There was no one else in the gallery, so I had your world all to myself (at least that is what I imagined). And it really is a world all to itself, Helena. What Markus writes about dreams is partially true, to me. Part of my story of your images is also about the non-dream-like state, the waking hours wherein the world seems truer than actually is - at least on the symbolic level.

Great to have you here, Helena!

J. S-g.

Anonymous said...

I am the illiterate one who haven´t seen your pictures. So this is the first time. I am thinking of the planes I see in almost every picture.
A stronger symbol of flight than birds in modern times. Your photos
are just wonderful. I love all of them!

Anonymous said...

Science des reves AKA The Science of Sleep....

Jeanette said...

(The blog didn´t accept my comment yesterday)


I really enjoy your fascinating style


Anonymous said...


mats äleklint said...

These are wonderful images, I saw them in tidningen FOTO and they have stuck in my mind since. Thanks for showing it on the F-blog! :)