06 November 2006

Invited Photographer: Ken Richardson

Ken's vision has always fascinated me. It's regular and irregular, silent and singing, totally nuts and incredibly sane all at once. I asked him to share some of his new work with us, along with a few words about what he does. This all comes to us from somewhere in Texas.

My images carry no agenda, there are no hidden meanings per se but they are part of what makes me whole, or broken, as the case may be. It is rare that I photograph with a preconceived idea or intent. Things usually just occur as a natural course of evolution. I know that what I do choose to photograph carries a signature to my soul. The things I see and the things that motivate me to shoot resonate somewhere within my psyche, like a momentary flashback of a dream I can’t quite remember in totality. Segmented thought patterns, not knowing the beginning or ending, my vision stuck somewhere in between. As a course of progression, I am motivated first to impressions that I perceive with my eye and mind and in many cases subject almost plays a secondary role.

While I am certainly well versed and adept with the technical issues of film based photography, I in no way consider myself a technical purist nor is it my goal to achieve perfection to the point of sterility. Some of my favorite images carry the imprint of textbook defined technical miscues either through accident or intent. I like things with a bit of quirkiness and as a self-taught photographer adhere to no rigid regime of what “good photography “ is or isn’t. In general, if the final print says something, and the technical issues of tones and contrast have been executed to my satisfaction, then I am content both with my work and the work of others.

. . . . For me part of the enjoyment of photography is working with my eye, hands, and mind to produce the final print. There is nothing for me that compares with the gratification and sheer awe that occurs as a print comes up in the developer. In short, it’s pure magic. . . .

It is my hope that my images capture a sense of time, place, and most importantly sparks some memory or emotive response for the viewer. To that end I continue to learn, attempt to see, experiment, and listen to my soul.

Thank you so much, Ken, for sharing a bit of yourself with us.
more of Ken's work can be seen here. Invited by Jeanne Wells.


F said...

Wonderful. Many strange pictures there! I must look up some more of your pictures on the Internet. Thanks for sharing it with us.
- fredrik skott

F said...
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F said...

that was me, above, swearing because I'd forgotten to add a link!


F said...

Just wonderful, I am a strong believer in the single shoot, "the lone star", and every one of your picture stands alone like a beacon.
Thanks very much for sharing Ken and you Jeanne for inviting Ken.


Exposed Material said...

I'm a great admirer of Ken Richardson's work too! The args-pic is such a delight to my eye. Thanks Ken for sharing and what a excellent choice Jeanne!

F said...

So what would the F Blog be without your participation Ken? Well not the same. I am happy to see you here, because I have always liked your pictures a lot.
Thanks Jeanne for getting Ken on the right track and thanks Ken for being here!

F said...

always great pleasure, Ken


F said...

Inspiring and exciting, great photography.

F said...

Great to have you here, Ken!

J. S-g.

F said...

eswxmglWell that was about time Ken!!!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for jeanne to invite you...and finally you are here. Magical as always.

Love it, as you already know.


Mikael said...

I´ve seen his work on PP and love it, great to see here also!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for the invite. This is truely a wonderful site with photos to sink you teeth into.

I feel very privilaged to be here among so many truely gifted photographers.

Thank you in the most sincere way it has ever been uttered.

(Now I just hope this takes ) Havent quite figured out how to navigate this thing. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about the blog, Ken! I must look up your photographs. Do you have a homepage or so?

Anonymous said...

I do not have a personal page...Something to work on next year I suppose. :)

There is a link, somewhere in the text I believe which is where I post most of my work.

Thank you again.


Rhonda Boocock said...

love how your pictures stand alone but flow together as well...beautiful!