08 November 2006


"Déjame olvidar hoy esta dicha, que es más ancha que el mar,
porque el hombre es más ancho que el mar y que sus islas,
y hay que caer en él como en un pozo para salir del fondo
con un ramo de agua secreta y de verdades sumergidas."

So far Neruda (from The heights of Macchu Picchu)
Sorry, I have lost my English translation of the poem.

I went back to Pablos site and found pedazos "pieces".
In a way these torn pictures remind me of what Neruda
speaks about - the great mystery of Man.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

Visit Pablo at his site to see more.


F said...

I still haven't gone to his site, but I'm loving these, Ulf, very inspirational!


Anonymous said...

Again, wonderful pictures. Reality, torn apart....

F said...

As I stated earlier, I very much like this idéa...

I must go take a look at your site.