13 December 2006


Apocalypse Now, © Chris Niedenthal

Apocalypse Now at "Moscow" Cinema – beginning of state of war in Poland – December 13th, 1981. This picture is an icon of this dark era in Polish history. 
Photo by the courtesy of the Author - Chris Niedenthal, especially for the F Blog today.

Chris Niedenthal – British photographer who has chosen living in and photographing Poland. Cooperated with Newsweek, Time, Der Spiegel, Geo, Forbes and others. Awarded by many prices, also by World Press Photo ’86.


abeku said...

Times that shouldn't be forgotten. Sadly, this is still reality in Belarus and many other countries.

ulf said...

Yes, this picture is an icon of course from that day 25 years ago.
What perhaps strikes me most today,
is that the feeling of seeing the picture for the first time remains.
I look at the people, standing or walking about and I can feel the terror in their hearts and minds on this cold December day 1981.

Anonymous said...

Apocalypse Now is the english title of the movie shown at cinema "Moscow".

joanna said...

i remember the first emotions as i've seen this photo for the first time: i started to laugh. i was about 10 years old and i've already knew the film "Apocalypse now". but..i've never seen before the photos with tanks on my city's streets! i couldn't believe that it was in the 81. my parents explained evertyhing to me. this photo was my introduction to politics... and suddenly i've started to realize all the facts from my past - the lines to buy anything to eat, cards for milk, lack of the very important things to survive...etc...
i'm glad that this photo is so well known, it's an icon of that times now. thanks for spreading worldwide, Marcin!