14 December 2006

Guest: Sara Gust - My girlfriend

Let me present a favourite of mine, Sara Gust, living in Barcelona, Spain. The project she presents here caught my attention, and I invited her. I'm happy she kindly accepted. But enough of me talking... Sara's own introduction then.

I engage intensely in both text and picture, separated or together. I'm the editor of Display Magazine. I enjoy working on my own projects and ideas, and to create my own little private universe. Have always kept going for the pure joy of creativity, but the need for actually communicating is becoming more and more important to me.

Find more about Sara at her
fotosidan profile.

The project 'My girlfriend' is about someone's girlfriend, or perhaps not? You decide.

I've translated the captions myself, so any crude language or lost nuances are all my fault.

My girlfriend

To call her special is probably to exagerate.//
But she has something.//
Nothing much to brag about though.

My girlfriend is so damn boring. //
But sometimes she kicks loose and does heavy things. //
Nothing predictable like dyeing her hair green or so, I mean.

I care much about her. //
I care about her in a way that //
probably only men can really appreciate.

Everyone believes she is a passionate animal friend. //
Only I know the truth //
- that she has a big black hole where the heart should go.

And so came the day when I learned how to REALLY fuck. //
Since then nothing has been the same. //
I've forgotten how to do everything and anything else.

Playing the hooker, that's a game she knows. //
Pretending to be impressed and looking all starry-eyed, //
when my friends visit us. //

My girlfriend, well, //
she's not exactly funny. //
But her sister is.

She thought is was okey to expect, //
when we separated. //
To expect money she had never earned.

Apparently. //
I. //
I have apparently lost.


abeku said...

Great humour and cynical, a splendid satire. This goes straight to my heart and the collection of great art. Keep up the good work, Sara!

F said...

He he many ideas passing bye. Typical situations with creative angles.

ulf said...

Love it Sara! Don´t stop til you drop!

F said...


I like it.


F said...

-oh, Christofer said that above...

j. s-g. said...

Something new for the F blog. We've not had many combinations of text and images, here, so far.

Marvellous to see it!

I'll have to come back to this. More than once, I think.

f. skott said...

I have seen some of them before. Thanks for sharing them. I like them a lot!-