21 December 2006

Invited Guest: Bogdan Zwir

Quotation from Magazine Foto&Video No 2 2006:
"What emotions does the word "absurd" evoke? A pragmatic will get confused. An analyst annoyed. A snob will feel contempt. An optimist will burst into laughter.

Perhaps only one category of people will admire the absurd.

First of all these are children who can turn the absurd into a fairy tale and breake the rules of logic. Then thre are writers who materialize absurd to collections of fairy tales for children or to complicated plots of sci-fi thrillers that would be equally appealing also to pragmatics, analysts and snobs. There are also artists and photographers. But their special type makes spectators linger at their "absurd" pictures. That makes critics feel awkward questioning themselves with the eternal issue "What should be done"? Should the creation be called a philosophic masterpiece bringing it´s author to Olympus downhill and should they enjoy their sagacity? Or should this "nonsense" be laughed at, unfornate artist scathed, and they would leave their trace in history most objective and just? But what if it´s talent after all? What then? Fame of a boring concervative, numb conceptualist, geniuses persecutor and butcher?....."

I discovered Bogdan Zwir once on a photosite and his photoworks left traces in my mind and memory. Please visit his site here
Enjoy his work and read the entire article as well...

Invited by: Jeanette Hägglund


mary c. mitchell said...

Great pictures. Many tries to do things like this but very few succeds. Your pictures are true art.

Jeanette said...

It´s a real pleasure Bogdan to show your work here :)


F said...

I love this!!!

I have never been a sucker for reality anyway...

And yes I have seen some of these earlier on the net and been fascinated by them.

Thanks for sharing, and thanks Jeanette!


ulf said...

Imagination is more important than reality. Few people understand this.
There is always a natural connection between reality and imagination.
I think you understand that Bogdan. And I love your pictures and also the article!

mats äleklint said...

Great stuff, love it!

f. skott said...

Thanks for sharing your very interesting photographs! I must look at your homepage.

Espen said...

Great photos!!

btw. on absurd, I really recommend the early 20. century russian writer Danil Kharms.

Jackie Ariane said...

i loved bogdan's work i just wish to know some of his techniques to do some myself :)