07 December 2006

Invited guest: Gustav Gustafsson

It is funny how the way we look at the world is influenced by the way other people look at the world. I am not at all sure that I have an independent way of looking at the world. I mean, everything I see gets related to somehting I have already seen. Past images shape future images. Future images shape past images. In between we have the present. What does the present look like? I sure do not know. I only look with other people's eyes. Gustav Gustafsson is one of them.

Gustav writes

My older brother made me take up photography. He gave me a crappy old camera in graduation present. I didn't have the nerve not to use it.

Now it has become an addiction. I get depressed if I can't be creative. In other words, I take pictures to maintain my health.

I welcome you to see more of the world through the eyes of Gustav Gustafsson.

Invited by Joakim Sebring.


Anonymous said...

I am taken by suprise. Marvellous!

Dr C said...

I especially like the photo with the mössa too far down. :)

u said...

I wonder about the look in his eyes sitting at the closet
what is he looking at
what is he thinking of
very cool stuff

abeku said...

The present time is the only time to cover. Perhaps some of the pictures of the present time will create a well remembered story in the future? Great stuff.

j. s-g. said...

Great having you here, Gustav!

gustav said...

Thanks for letting me be here! :)

mikael said...

Welcome to the F blog nice to see your work and to have you here!

mary c. mitchell said...

This is good!