18 December 2006

Invited guest: John Strazza

I am truly glad to present pictures by John Strazza. I love his style
his thinking about photography. And I would be delighted to see
his pictures exhibited in Sweden. This will happen, I am
sure of that!
John was kind enough to send me a great deal of
pictures so I will
publish the rest in two or three postings around
Christmas. Thanks
John - you have many friends over here!
invited by ulf fågelhammar

"These are from a series of pinhole images done in NYC .. It's an
oddity, to say the least, to be doing street photography with a pinhole ..
but in the end the experience is similar to that of walking with the
Leica or Nikon ..it's becoming involved with the life of that day and
place that matters most ..

Time, in terms of exposure, is of course an issue .. exposures are
very long and that changes things .. and, for me, color is a part of
these images unlike most of my other street work ..

I must say, these are great fun for me .. and I have a deep satisfaction
when seeing this way .. Pinhole imagery does have some traps .. that
being the novelty of the "pinhole look" and the possible lack of content
beyond it within an image .. when working this way though, I really
forget about the camera and just get into the seeing part .. everything
else is secondary.."

-john strazza

all pictures ©John Strazza


marcin said...

john - great to see you here. Several years ago I've discovered for myself your photography and every time I see your work I find there new magic

alf johansson said...

I love your pictures, and these are no exceptions. Great to see you here John!

mary c. mitchell said...


Jeanette said...

John - so nice to see your fabulous work here, it´s a pleasure!!! Hope to see more in the future and also in a real exhibition!!!!

Will add something later on...now in a hurry!


Ulla said...

I feel something
I like that very much

Jeanne said...

you KNOW I'm a fan, and it's so good to see your work here!

mikael said...

It´s pleasure to have you here John and you know what a fan of your work I am!

C said...

John, your treatment of light is fascinating, and I remember when I discovered you on alt.photos I believe, like three years ago. Happy to see you here!

j. s-g. said...

I remember John's photos very well from maybe one or two years ago, when having a look at his web site. These pinhole images are, thus, new to me. In them I see the same acute sense of color that I remember seeing in another picture by John, a long time ago.

Great to rediscover your work, John.

Thanks or being here!

j. s-g. said...

Oops: Thanks for being here, is, of course, what I meant to write!

mats äleklint said...

Yes, wonderful pictures john! Thanks for being here on the blog!

christofer said...

Wonderful photos and great use of light!

f. skott said...

I agree, this is marvellous photographs. Thanks for sharing them.

Thomas Håkansson said...

Really great pictures, the colors, the light...fabulous!

john said...

Thank you all so much - a joy to be here .. i do hope to see you all some day .. till then my best to you, a beautifuil Christmas and Happy New Year ..

Jeanette said...

Returned to say - wow - again :))