20 December 2006

Invited guest: Niklas Ehlén

Niklas sent me some excellent pictures. I will publish more later on.

100 000 Fleeing Kurds

food delivery

refugee valley

a girl suffering from disease

three women


Anonymous said...

Very strong pictures, no need for explanation.


chrisw1r said...

These pictures shows a part of the world that we rarely see, and are very important. These are part of my treasury box of important photos, and have been a few years.

A Merry Christmas Niklas!

Unknown said...

No choice for the people
we can never understand this
this cruelty to people
strong pictures

Anonymous said...

Very strong and sad work Niklas.

I like it alot.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

Jeanette said...



Anonymous said...

that is the kind of photography I admire mostly, I am hoping to see more of your work Niklas

Jeanette said...

Strong pictures!!!!