06 December 2006

invited guest: Sannah Kvist

I'm thrilled to be able to invite Sannah Kvist to the F-Blog. I've been a great admirer of her work since I first saw it about a year ago. I recommend that you have a look at her blog, it's a visual avalanche. Sannah might be the next big thing, remember where you read it first folks!

/invited by markus andersson

"sannah kvist says: för fan vad skriver man om sig själv och sina bilder?

gustav says:
inte en aning, vad ska du skriva till?

sannah kvist says: en blog F blog http://gruppof.blogspot.com/ verkar vara en kul grej, inbjudna fotografer, både proffs och ickeproffs

gustav says: skriv att du har en förmåga att få vilket obetydligt motiv som helst att verka som det är svaret på livets problem.

sannah kvist says: men sånt kan man inte inte skriva?

gustav says: kanske inte, men det är ju sant."



Anonymous said...

Great to see your pictures Sannah! I like them a lot and agree with Gustav.

It's not right to choose a favorite but if I had too I would choose the ones with the dog. Every pictures is really good but those are magical!

Thanks for participating on The F Blog! Now I am gonna check out your homepage.

- F.

F said...

Great pictures Sannah! Very nice to see your work here.


Anonymous said...

really nice to be here :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect. I love your stuff. A new visual landscape is opening up!
Don´t stop til you drop!

Anonymous said...

There are some stunning photos here. The arm, the woman getting undressed, the little boy, the dog. Great emotional compositions.

Some of the best work showed here on our blog, for sure.

Thanks for being here.

Anonymous said...

Fab work, Sannah! Visual impact, no question about it! Thanks for sharing!

Eff said...

yes, great pictures! allways something interesting in your blog.


Anonymous said...

Very nice to have you here Sannah, impressive work indeed!

Anonymous said...

Sannah, do your have thought-out thoughts before taking your pictures? Do you share these thoughts with the viewers, or do you make them find a context, a frame of reference, all for themselves? I am curious.

Anonymous said...

I like what I see!
This is good, so good.

Anonymous said...

a kind of raw vision, straight emotions, a rought use of flash and I really like this result.
In the hype indeed ;) but not only, poetrie and emotions too ...

F said...


And I'm with fredrik in this, the dogpics are magical.