30 December 2006

regarding words

Lets talk about words
The world is full of them
The papers, the news on the tellie.
One even make breakfast cereals in shape of letters,
to spell out words

But yet.
At the end of the day
It is the words not spoken,
the words you didn’t find.
That haunts you.

photo and words by: christofer grandin


Ulla said...

Yes...I like your thoughts
I like the way you design
the letters or the words
the words not spoken...
too serious, too difficult to
use the right the true ones
afraid to be misunderstood

C said...

I like your poems and your photos.

I just read about 'mirror neurons' in the brain. They "mimic" other people's actions, recognise patterns and habits and anticipate what they will do next. In a way, they are like small toy copies of other people, I guess one could say.

Words are not merely sounds, but set things in motion. Which is good or bad, depending on.

I can't let go of this picture of the miniature me in others' heads. :)

Jeanette said...

Excellent Christofer, both words and photo!!!


ulf said...

well christopher...
this goes to my heart
i love the picture and the text

Rhonda said...

no words because your words and the haunting image say it all...

jeanne said...

what a beauty! Your images always have that wonderful silence.