07 January 2007

The Embrace

Where looking through some old negatives and found this image. A friend from Spain wanted me to perpetuate her tattoo as i did in a little series. Here is one, taken 1998 in Barcelona.


NJ said...

Jeanette, great one and very strong picture for me but it's an act (or fine art nude) rather then a simple documentation of your friend's tattoo. The reason for that is that the attention goes to the pear shaped body strongly (specifically the bottom part) contrasted from BG rather than to the artistic motive of the tattoo. All is simple but complex and even if the tattoo is placed in the strong point of the composition it do not stand strong enough to attract attention at first place. At third or maybe fourth eye scan through the picture it finally gets noticeable but as a part of all structured expression. Yes, I like it, Cheers, NJ

Anonymous said...

I like this a lot too
Original and well done
There is so much detail in the
cloth that she is resting on
- contrasting with the well defined forms of the body and tatoo

Jeanette said...

HI Andrezej and thanks for your long comment!!! I´m glad you visit the blog :)


Anonymous said...

The echo between the pose and the tattoo is cleverly done...beautiful work!