09 January 2007

invited guest: Andrzej Jakubowski

Several years ago, when I started my adventure with photography on of Polish portals I met a group of people who's work went straight to my heart. Andrzej "Frog" Jakubowski was one of them. My personal approach and reception of photograpy have changed, Andrzej's photography has changed, but what he made and what his making now still makes me think, that is what is really about (for me) in photography.

You can understand better what I mean thanks to Andrzej's words about his philosophy of photographing:
The biggest prize is when someone comes back some time later to see your photograph, when someone looks at it over and over again, when your snaps makes someone stop for a moment. I want to show everyday life, I want to show things I can see around me. People and the world around them. A little bit of form and a little bit of emotions. A simple story.

It's worth to mention that Andrzej is one of the pillars of "już późno" group with Joanna Kinowska, Artur Allan Willmann and Michał Macioszczyk.
More you may find on Andrzej's web site codzienne (everyday)
Invited by Marcin Górski


Jacek Gasiorowski said...

full of melancholy and poetry, nice work and great aye

ulf said...

There are some photos here that will find a permanent place in my memory
The wet street with a person carrying an umbrella, the last two pictures.
Excellent work and a pleasure to see you at the F Blog!

Ulla said...

"A little bit of form and a little bit of emotions. A simple story"
I think the combination of form and emotions...is great and wonderful not only a simple story.
I like the photos and have some favorites. But my english isn´t enough to explain my feelings for them in the right way.

Joannes said...

I will go on your website again and again. A wonderfull way to share. very sensitive photos ...
Thank you.

joanna said...

each time i'm watching your photos i want to go out immediately and try to make mine, although i know i simply can't catch the same i want. you got it.
and i hope you know it.


chrisw1r said...

This is just soo excellent, thought provoking and awakening. Me like mucho!

Jeanette said...



mats äleklint said...

Absolutely wonderful!!

abeku said...

Excellent work! This is really great stuff! I want to see more.