29 January 2007

invited guest: Mia Olofsson

I came across Mia´s pictures just recently. And it was like coming back to
what is is all about - the joy of seeing, the magic of
making pictures.
- invited by ulf fågelhammar

"I am convinced that we are able to change the world. We just have to keep
on trying and fighting for what we believe in. I like to
capture photos that feel
more powerful than what the truth is."
- Mia Olofsson

Check out Mia´s sparkling page at http://himmel.pannkaka.nu

I promise you that I will ask Mia to come back here soon
and share some of her energy! -urbano


Lina Nääs said...

Very engergetic indeed! I like it! Especially the first picture

Anonymous said...

Yes...do come back soon and share some of these grenade like nibbles with us...like caffiene on a drip when I needed it! :)))))

Fredrik Skott said...

amazing pictures. i agree with lina, the first one is pure magic!
- f.