15 January 2007

invited guest: Zosia Zija

Zosia Zija, what can I say more...perhaps no more words needed...

Zosia is a legendary creator of wonderful, soft portraits, appealing, I am sure of that, not just to my heart, but many of others.
From the other side Zosia is legendary pioneer of presenting photography in internet, she was perhaps the first from Polish photographers who started to show her work in global portals of photography.
At least, she was the only Polish photographer I met, when I started to show my photography abroad.
For me personaly, discovering Zosia's photography was a milestone opening me eyes to new magic world of photography.

I am truely grateful I found her work few years ago, I am happy and proud even more, that she agreed to show some of her work on F blog.

Ladies and Gentelmen: ZOSIA ZIJA!

zosia zija, born in 1975, a photographer searching for simplicity in what she does, she loves simple and ordinary people, who she tries to see through the lens as extraordinary. her life motto is: follow your heart, whatever that means ;) so far, zosia had 7 exhibitions of her work : 2 in Warsaw (Poland) - 2003, 2005, one in Poznan (Poland) - 2003, one in Milan (Italy) - 2003, one in Castelo Branco: collective exhibition from the members from Pontos de Vista (Portugal) - 2004 and two in Brussels ( Belgium) - both in 2006. on an ordinary day she is a commercial photographer. it is said of her that she does portraits even when she shoots landscapes, but she does not like stereotypes, as she thinks that creativeness is like life, which someone once compared to a box of chocolates... you really don't know what you will get, which - in creativeness - means a constant search for something new, metamorphosis etc.
zosia lives and works in Warsaw. she has been a photographer for 15 years now. although she recons that it all started 5 yrs ago, when photography became her way of earning a living.

invited by Marcin Górski


darren said...

Subtle and beautiful work, Zosia. Thanks for sharing!

Ulf said...

Hello Zosia
Welcome to the F blog
where the action is!
I have been waiting for you - it seems like Marcin has kept you in his back pocket ;) to surprise us.
A great selection of your work
I hope to see you here soon again

Joannes said...

ah Zosia ... what can I say that can be original and clever in a foreign language ?
Your portraits move and touch me.
You've encouraged me by rating my photos on alt, make me more selfconfident about what I would like to share.
So all my respect, my thanks and my best wishes for YOU and your projects, your life, the people you love and shot....
Joannes from France ;)

chrisw1r said...

welcome to this corner of the net... I'm happy to see your wonderful pictures here indeed!
Sure hope you'll return as well...

jeanne said...

welcome welcome Zosia! You've ben an encouragement and an inspiration to many of us for many years now. So good to see you here.

I love the boy with his boxing gloves -- just great :)

Jeanette said...

Ah - yes i agree with Ulf, i have been waiting ;-D Glad to see you here!


j. s-g. said...

Truly captivating people photography. Great use of the black and white medium, too!

Nice to have you here on the F blog.

anders blomqvist (aka abeku) said...

Ah, you're such a legend Zosia despite your age! Your work is truly inspiring! Now and forever!

john strazza said...

Z, see, you are loved .. with good reason ..
Happy to see you here .. these images are beautiful ..
always my best,
from NYC

Jacek Gasiorowski said...

in real Zosia looks like a sweet sexteen ;))), great part of her personal style, thanks Marcin for your diplomation talent ;)

f. skott said...

Yes, these are really wonderful pictures. I can't remember when I saw as interesting and beautiful photographs on the F blog before. Thank you for sharing them and please show us more!
Fredrik Skott

christofer said...

Great to see you here Zosia!!

I have been admiring your work many times before! These are wonderful!

Darek Siatkowski said...

Zosia... a few years ago I ask her about name for my daughter...:-) She said, that love "east names":-) But my doughter have Her nick-name. So... she's inspiration for everyone:-) Zosia... beautiful thoughts on celluloid.
Best wishes for You Zi.

Anonymous said...

I have always admired Zosia. In fact she is my favourite photographer.

I wish you more success and peace, Zosia.

Robert Padilla