26 January 2007

lost and found (5)

negatives found in forgotten darkroom in my job, continuation

uknown author, uknown person portrayed, uknown place and date (somewhere in Upper Silesia, perhaps in Gliwice, early 1970s?), uknown material (maybe Orwo?), pentacon six


mats äleklint said...

What a great capture! Exciting with the found negatives, hope to see more.

jeanne said...

ah -- what a wonderful expression. I love old photographs, whether I know the subjects or not. It's that sense of mystery that we love, don't you think?

marcin said...

yes, Jeanne, that's what is all about

Jeanette said...

So nice to see all mix of post ...such difference in mood, character, light, tones, etc and etc. I wonder what he´s thinking of...Nice capture Marcin.