24 January 2007

Marion in the year of 1939

Wolcott, Marion Post , 1910- -- Photographer

African American schoolgirls in the fourth and fifth grades
demonstrating a health movingpicture that they had
made, Flint River Farms, Georgia,
May 1939.

I am trying to catch up with Marion, It seems she had a very busy
year in 1939. She was 29 years old and was travelling around the
southern states of the US.Was she aware of what was going to happen
the coming years? Did she know anything about the escalating horrors
of the third reich? There was no CNN or Al Jazeera, no television, no
Internet. And the people she photographed? Did they realize that
a world war was just beginning. I don´t think so. And still...there is
something about the people she met that makes me wonder.

Wolcott, Marion Post , 1910- -- Photographer

Three African American women waiting for street car on their way
to work as domestics, early morning, Mitchell Street, Atlanta, Georgia,
May 1939.

Wolcott, Marion Post , 1910- -- Photographer

African American men, both tenants and neighbors, eating dinner after the
white men have finished on day of corn-shucking at Mrs. Fred Wilkins'
home, Tally Ho, near Stem, Granville County, North Carolina,
November 1939.

So many years have passed, and 1939 is history. But tonight, with so many
thoughts running through my head after seeing Marion´s pictures from that
year, it seems like only yesterday.

Warsaw, September 1939. First aid being given after a German air-raid.

Poland in photographs, 1939-1944.
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I am also thinking about Poland and September 1 and I found a picture
from that city as well. It breaks my heart to think about what the people
of Warsaw had to
face the coming years. And yes...it was only yesterday.


Pictures found at NYPL and FSA.

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