30 January 2007

Mr M ( from the series "fabulous photographers")

photo: abeku


urbano said...

I want more of this
Fab F!

marcin said...

oh yeah, me too

mikael said...

Hey, I know that guy!!!
Nice one! (both the photo and the guy)

F said...

Goodlooking as always! The AndersochMånsMåns-lookalike. Great portrait of a great guy!
Couldn't have done it better myself. (Actually I really really couldn't. All my pictures of Markus are blurry :S)


Anonymous said...

what a Dude!

Dr Tarkini's lonely night nurse.

F said...

Fabulous indeed!!!!!!


M Jenemark said...

This is a great piece of work, much thanks to the background. Nice!!

Markus said...

Whoa! I'm of the blog for a few days and suddenly I'm all over the place :-) The bckground is really nice...it usually are the best part when I'm in a picture :-) But actually I really like this one. Thanks!