28 February 2007

from Peter de Ru

To You who posted a comment , I really did appreciate this very much,
all these comments have given me new inspiration to continue my work.
I hope to be able to show you more of my photography in a near future.

Sincerely Yours,
Peter de Ru

/Photo: Chess in Budapest, 1982 by Peter de Ru


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
yes please do continue, I think we are many who appreciate your photos. This one is no exception, what a photogenic scene! :)

iamkatia said...

what a wonderful candid photo!
Where was this made?


Rhonda Boocock said...

love this chess picture...and all of your images!

Anonymous said...

And you and your photos give me inspiration to continue doing photos !!!!


Anonymous said...

It's great work, Peter. In many ways it could be "typical" but you make every frame fresh & new. Good to see you here.

Jeanette said...

HI Peter - excellent photo, i really like it!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them!