13 February 2007

invited guest: Gerry Johansson

Once again I am proud to present some of Gerry Johansson’s photographs on The F Blog. Below is four pictures from his book Sverige (Sweden, published 2005). Sverige is collection of photographs of Swedish cities and according to me a very fascinating photobook.

Please also look at Gerry Johansson’s other pictures on The F blog here and here and also at his own homepage. From April 21 to Juni 3 Gerry also have a large exhibition at Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg. Later on you can read more about that exhibition on the F blog.

Helsingborg © Gerry Johansson.

Jönköping © Gerry Johansson.

Nedre Soppero © Gerry Johansson.

Åseda © Gerry Johansson.

Invited by Fredrik Skott.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen Jönköping so nice! Good luck with the Gtgb-exhibition, Gerry! Thanks for sharing with us (again)!

Jeanette said...

I really appreciate the geometry in your photos Gerry... Great!


Anonymous said...

I agree, I have never seen Jönköping so nice. Beautiful shots and geometry as Jeanett says!

Anonymous said...

I can´t stop staring at "nedre Sopporo"
What is with that picture that
makes it rest in my mind (same question I always ask myself seeing good photography)

Anonymous said...

pure swedish urban mood ;) nice works

Anonymous said...

your work is fantastic, Gerry. wow

Anonymous said...

A very welcome return.

A very specific take on Sweden. One that I like. A lot.

But I can't keep wondering what you didn't photograph - and why.

I will continue looking at your work. It contains multitudes.

F said...

Wonderful work Gerry! Great to see you here again!


Anonymous said...

love the third, is amazing! good work

Anonymous said...

hur bra som helst!