22 February 2007

invited guest: Peter de Ru (part two)

Rotterdam Maas River

Tank cleaning. Pause.

Peter de Ru´s pictures from the port of Rotterdam, are captured on three
different occasions 1979, 1994 and 2006. I am impressed by how Peter finds
the people, the workers, the bargirls in a place with such huge dimensions
, with
so much tonnage being loaded and unloaded.

Right now Peter de Ru is working on a documentation of the beautiful Villa San
Michele in Capri, Italy. He is also working on a new book that we hope to hear

more about at the F Blog later on.

Peter has a long experience of exhibiting his work. Let me just mention
participation at the Spring Salon which is a featured event at
Liljevalchs Konstmuseum in Stockholm. The same year (2000) Peter de Ru
also exhibited
his work at Galleri Maneten in Gothenburg.

Tattoo Cannon

Sailors on Greek

Animal food in Botlek

Pigeon in Botlek

Tank cleaning

Rotterdam Docks


Jeanette said...

Fantastic photos and such interesting area/location with this boat. I have seen a lot of this and it´s a pleasure to resee


F said...

Yes these are really great, Peter! Specially the tank cleaning shots will stay with me for a long time I think.

Already hoping for part three...


jeanne said...

wonderful work Peter, it's very engaging and full of life & spirit.

Joannes said...

intense, humain, I'm looking for the #1 part ! A Good discover !

heyckendorff said...

Very nice series. Especially "Animal food in Botlek" which seems so surrreal to me. It almost looks as something from another world.
And if it is people climbing around in the animal food, it looks extreamly harsardous to me with thoughts to the suckingpower of the macinery.

Carolina said...

Very powerfull work that show great sensibility, feeling and humanity.