10 February 2007

So, how long will it take?

So, how long will it take?
How many years,
how many hours
how many seconds,
to get an insight,
to understand,
something as simple
as time?

I can hear the passing of it tonight,
In my room. In my garden.
The pendulum swinging back and forth.
Making patterns in my mind.
I can feel the sand running through my fingers
Making piles of experience at my feet.
Adding an extra second,
an extra hour
an extra year
to my life.
But understand it
I cannot.

Not yet.

photo and words:christofer grandin


urbano said...

what would the f blog be without you mr Frej
very contemplative
with words that match your picture so well

Rhonda said...

words and picture...beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Forget about time...forget about space...this is the place.....!

jeanne said...

so quiet . . .

codrin said...

...beautiful picture...beautiful words...