02 February 2007

Tio Armindo "Pouca-sorte"

Tio Armindo was one of most important people in my life, although he had never realized that. Man who started the avalanche of events. Tio Armindo "Pouca-sorte" – uncle Armindo "Bad luck", nobody knows why he was called this way, cause it was the happiest person in the village, and he used to bring luck to others.
He brought me as well.
He passed away few days ago. I will always remember him sitting still on Praca of Proenca a Velha as on this picture - picture which changed my life.


Rhonda said...

wonderful, touching portrait!!!

joanna said...

i know this portrait very well, but you've never said this fascinating story. c'mon - reveal the rest of it!

with this story, with these words it changes a lot. they bring some melancholy and nostalgia into this icture. wich is good, wich can be described as a true photography - human photography. well done my dear!

darren said...

...and what stories he would have to tell! Fascinating work!!!

Rollx said...

Every single person is like a book. W e all have different kinds of stories to tell. I wonder what kind of story that old man in the picture has ?.

ulf said...

a great man I am sure
thanks for presenting him to us
there are so many people in this world who we must not forget about