30 March 2007

Confessions of a lazy bum

This photo was taken 21 years ago. I was a teenager by then and I remember this summer to be very hot. I was sitting on our terrace, in the shadow, and staring at the chair that was exposed by the sun. There was not much else to do than sipping on some lemonade and playing around with the camera, taking a picture or two of things around me. I probably had some music in the background, perhaps China Crisis or Yes, and a comic magazine on the table. Not a very productive day, as people would say these days, but I still like those lazy days and I'll grab the opportunity whenever it comes this summer.
FP4 soaked in Rodinal, not a bad combo.
photo: abeku


brum said...

I think I listened to their first album and I liked it
then I lost them
the chair is looking at the lazy bum
telling him stories of the summer of love

marcin said...

not bad at all :)